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Lesson 161, June 10

Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.

Yesterday’s lesson brought to our awareness the identity we hold of ourselves as fearful rather than loving, as fear and not as the love that we are.

We project our fear onto our brothers for to accept it within ourselves would be too much for us to bear.

When we believe another has caused us to feel angry or fearful, the truth is that we can only be angry or fearful if we first hold those feelings inside of ourselves.

Thank our brother for being a mirror, revealing to ourselves what is inside of ourselves.

In that respect, the ones who irritate us are truly our saviors.

We have projected our fear onto our brothers, rather than to accept the fear as originating within ourselves.

Now, it is time to release this fear as the block to love that it is.

Rather than seeing our brothers’ bodies and behaviors, or our brothers as reflections of ourselves, our intention now is to see the Christ in him or her. Seeing the Christ in everyone is how we can become free of our fears.

When we are completely identified with the love that we are, then nothing will be able to disturb us ever again.

All of our emotional reactions are born of our acceptance of the belief in separation, from rejecting our true identity as love, as God’s child.

In this light, we can now learn to view all conflict as a blessing that is showing us our fears, which are the places where we have refused to accept God’s Love.

We are seeing what our fears have created rather than seeing what is.

Today we will be grateful to our brother for his gift to us, and we shall use the opportunity to ask to see the truth instead.

Remember, we receive whatever we ask for.

Today’s lesson asks us to select a person in our minds and ask for salvation from him or her.

Notice all of the things that irritate us about this person. Recognize these as things that stand in the way of seeing this person as our savior.

Repeatedly ask that the Christ be revealed to us through this person: “Give me your blessing, holy son of God. I would behold you with the eyes of Christ, and see my perfect sinlessness in you.”

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