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Lesson 14, January 14

God did not create a meaningless world.

The first time I read this lesson was a real eye-opener.

It seems that as a culture, we ask questions such as, ”Why did God create cancer?” or ”Why did God create that war?” or ”Why did God create my parents’ divorce?”

By automatically assuming that God created everything in the world, the good, bad, and ugly, the ego is conveniently placing blame for its creations on another cause. And we, in our identification with the ego, go forward believing in these stories, dreams, illusions, and fantasies.

But God did not create a meaningless world.

In the previous lessons we have begun to recognize that all we are seeing in the world represents what is meaningless. None of it means anything.

All of it is neutral but our thoughts and feelings about everything keep us trapped and stuck in these illusions of the world.

God did not create this disease, that debt, those wars.

God only created one thing, love. And that one thing, love, is all there is, it is all that exists.

Nothing is Real except God’s Love.

But we have lost touch with this subtle, invisible, quiet force. It has become obscured beneath the noise of our mental thoughts and worries.

We have little time for love.

We are busy wondering how to pay rent and put food on the table. Or, we are concerned about our only child who has gone off to fight a war in a foreign country. Or, maybe our time is spent looking for doctors who can give us an answer to some unexplainable suffering that we have been enduring.

Who has time for love? Or, for God?

If you get nothing from A Course in Miracles except this, it will still change your life to recognize that our understanding of the world had become completely opposite to what the truth is.

God did not create a meaningless world.

God doesn’t create disasters, wars, illness, or conflict. People do.

God also doesn’t create art, music, architecture, or happy families. People do.

The world in and of itself is without meaning because it is neutral.

You will recognize this to be the truth when you can let these things go. You will see them dissolve on their own, back into the nothingness from which they came to be. When we give our thoughts and feelings a rest by releasing all belief in what they have to tell us, then the great force of love which heretofore has been hidden, will again rise into our awareness.

I have done this.

And you will, too.

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