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Topics discussed during coaching support you to stay on the winding road to spiritual enlightenment

Topics discussed during coaching sessions can focus on our work or personal lives, as well as our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships, along with everything else! Following is a list of topics discussed during coaching sessions that I have encountered. Perhaps these selections will be helpful to you, or they could spark you to create conversation starters of your own.

•    Seeking clarity and knowing if the answers we receive are right 

•    Accepting what is present and releasing what already happened 

•    Transforming bad situations or relationships into problem-free zones of comfort

•    Accessing inner resources that bring peace to daily concerns

•    Responding peacefully to whatever slows us down or disturbs us

•    Safely expressing the doubts and conflicts that arise in our mind

•    Using lack of love and other stories as opportunities to transform darkness into light

•    Choosing to give generously, as well as becoming more forgiving

•    Finding inspiration in the midst of feeling unmotivated

•    Transformation through seeing our life in the mirror of perceptions

•    Developing spirituality through an expanded relationship with God and the Holy Spirit

•    Discovering greater meaning and purpose in life

•    Being called to express what is within us yet feeling frustrated with forms of its expression

•    Transcending illusions and idols to discover the simplicity of pure truth

•    Growing aware of who our “true self” is

•    Feeling the dark night of the soul that will never end

•    Experiencing doubts, worries, lack of confidence, and worthlessness

•    Meditation to alleviate pain, improve health, increase energy, and lower stress

•    Becoming present to the presence and power of spirit

•    Increasing awareness of energy and decreasing attention on the ego mind

•    Choosing peaceful acceptance and gracefully living with the contents of our life

•    Identifying and clearing energetic and emotional patterns that keep us stuck and sad

•    Developing habits that balance our heart and mind

•    Identifying what nourishes our energy and what depletes our energy

•    Create a daily spiritual practice that is easy to follow and stick with

•    Visualizing the day and life that our heart desires, at any age

•    Growing a peaceful mind and opening our heart with the NRG® Process

Prior to your session, it may help you to become clearer and more focused about what are the topics discussed during coaching that you want to address. Click on this LINK A for a helpful worksheet that you can fill out. Writing down your concerns ahead of time will benefit both of us Please email the completed form prior to your session to this LINK B.

Staying on the winding road to spiritual enlightenment
Coaching Miracles for Growth & Energy, NYC takes your hand to support you to achieve a life of thriving.

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